LyfeRadio officially started under the name PirateLyfe Radio from 10th July 2012 until 1st March 2013.
Then switched the name to LyfeRadio. Also noteable in the start we used to play all different genres of music.
In October 2013 the switch was made to Harderstyles only music. Most of our listeners enjoy that style more.
We started our journey on a page with just a player, and soon after switched to a nice looking website.
The 3rd version was a responsive update, the 4th version was a very fancy looking website.
The 5th version was responsive and one page only website.

Unfortunately we shut down in October 2017 due to Private reasons for the owner of LyfeRadio.
In April 2019 a comeback was initiated in a WHOLE different format.

LyfeRadio in its current form is a Music Network. where selected individuals upload harderstyles only music.
For the harderstyles lovers to enjoy.

This is version 6 of the site. and the most advanced version LyfeRadio has ever seen.


In the near future a Radio will be integrated into the current website.
Alot of cool features are still to come. keep an eye out for updates.
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