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LyfeRadio is a music network and it handles your information as you would expect.
We take your privacy very seriously and treat all your information to the best of our ability.

This document sets out the LyfeRadio Privacy Policy. The conditions apply to members of LyfeRadio as well as non-members.
LyfeRadio therefore recommends that you read this Privacy Policy carefully.

[1] What is LyfeRadio?

LyfeRadio is a trade name of LyfeRadio Inc, with its registered office in the Netherlands.
LyfeRadio Inc is located in Dortmund, Germany and has its Domain registered at

[2] What information does LyfeRadio collect and process?

LyfeRadio account:
In order to make optimum use of the services offered by LyfeRadio it is necessary to create a LyfeRadio account.
When you create such an account you may enter certain information about yourself.
You are not obliged to fill in all the information fields. Only your Name, E-mail Address and Username are required. This information is sufficient for you to use LyfeRadio.

However, it may be the case that you are unable to use certain services, such as LyfeRadio Mobile, without providing further information about yourself.
You can always change your profile details. You can view your data and the purposes for which they are used by LyfeRadio.

If you wish, you can add more information about yourself to your profile, such as a photograph, a banner, interests and and social media links.
This is not only useful for other users who view your profile, but also for LyfeRadio because LyfeRadio can then be adapted to better suit your tastes.

When creating your LyfeRadio account, Only LyfeRadio members can view your account.

Automatically Generated Data:
LyfeRadio requires certain information in order for the LyfeRadio website to work as optimally as possible (for example, to display web pages correctly and to keep the website secure).
That is why LyfeRadio collects automatically generated data about your browsing behaviour during your use of LyfeRadio.
This information consists of your IP address, the type of browser you are using, your computer system information, the pages on the LyfeRadio website you visit and cookies.

[3] Cookies.

When using the services offered by LyfeRadio, various cookies are saved on your computer, which can then be accessed.
Cookies are small pieces of information (in the form of text) that a server sends to the browser (such as Firefox or Chrome) with the intention that the browser sends this information back to the server the next time a user visits the website.
Cookies of LyfeRadio cannot damage your computer or the files saved on it.

Some browsers allow you to specify in the settings which cookies can be automatically saved and to which cookies access is granted.
In order to provide you with as much help as possible, we will explain the cookies that LyfeRadio uses in a bit more detail.

When you visit the LyfeRadio website, LyfeRadio cookies and cookies from third parties may be saved on your computer.
LyfeRadio cookies are made by or for LyfeRadio and are stored on your computer by LyfeRadio and LyfeRadio has access to these cookies.
These type of cookies are called first party cookies. Such cookies are used by LyfeRadio, for example, to remember your language settings or to ensure that you do not see the same advertisement too often.

Cookies from third parties are made by third parties, are stored on your computer by third parties and third parties have access to these cookies.
These type of cookies are called third party cookies. It is important to know that LyfeRadio has no authority over and/or knowledge of the content and operation of such third party cookies.
Furthermore, LyfeRadio cannot be held responsible for these cookies.
LyfeRadio will make an effort to ensure that only advertisements of reliable advertisers will be placed on the LyfeRadio website.

You can configure your browser so that you do not receive any cookies the next time you use LyfeRadio.
However, it is then possible that you will no longer be able to make full use of LyfeRadio or access (parts of) the LyfeRadio website.

If you use cookies, do not forget to log out of LyfeRadio if you access it on a public computer.
Also, keep your password secret to avoid others using your LyfeRadio account without your consent.

[4] For what purposes will LyfeRadio use information about you?

LyfeRadio may use your information for the following purposes:

To provide LyfeRadio services:
LyfeRadio uses the information about LyfeRadio's Members to provide its services, such as to operate the LyfeRadio website and to provide additional services (e.g. LyfeRadio Mobile).

To communicate with you about LyfeRadio and to send you information concerning LyfeRadio's own services:
LyfeRadio uses your data, for example, to answer your questions about the website and to inform you of changes to LyfeRadio's services.

We at LyfeRadio do not like spam and assume that you do not like it either.
Therefore, LyfeRadio will send you information regarding the LyfeRadio services when we think you will appreciate such information.
If you do not wish to receive such e-mails, then you can specify this in your User Settings.

You will also receive notifications about various events (such as a friend requests or birthdays)
You can find an overview of the notifications and specify which items you wish to be notified of in the User Settings.

To configure LyfeRadio to your wishes and needs:
LyfeRadio uses the information about you so that it can better respond to your wishes and needs.
For example, the information can be used to make sure that you see advertisements that are better suited to you.

LyfeRadio can also use the information that you have placed on the website in any media whatsoever for promotional or marketing purposes in relation to the services provided by LyfeRadio (see article 5.2 of the Terms of Service)
LyfeRadio will not use your information for marketing or promotional purposes of third parties without your permission to do so.

For protection purposes and to generate anonymous statistical data:
As stated above, your IP address is included in the automatically generated data.
LyfeRadio records these addresses to determine which computers visit the LyfeRadio website in order to protect the LyfeRadio website against hacking.
This information can also be used to find out the culprits if Members are harassed or if fake profiles are used.
LyfeRadio also uses the automatically generated data to generate anonymous user statistics.
Third parties that produce user statistics and perform web analyses for LyfeRadio may obtain automatically generated data, including your IP address.

Use by third parties:
LyfeRadio will only send you e-mails from third parties containing interesting offers and discounts offered by LyfeRadio's partners if you have given your explicit consent.
Examples of such offers and discounts include discount at free tickets for a LyfeRadio Event and competitions held by LyfeRadio.
You will not receive more than one or two e-mails a month from an affiliate of LyfeRadio. You can withdraw or give your permission to receive such e-mails at any time.
You can also give or withdraw your permission via the link in every e-mail or via your LyfeRadio account.

Furthermore, LyfeRadio will only provide your data to third parties if it is obliged to do so on account of national or international laws, case law and/or regulations, if LyfeRadio considers it necessary to do so in defence of its own rights or if you have given permission to do so.

Third party services:
On the LyfeRadio website third party services are also offered. If you use such services it is possible that you have to give your information to a party other than LyfeRadio.
This is the case, for example, with LyfeRadio Mobile.

The LyfeRadio website may also include hyperlinks (for instance in track descriptions), via which you leave LyfeRadio and end up on a third party website.
LyfeRadio has no authority over third party websites and/or the services to which you are linked.
It is therefore possible that a different privacy policy is applicable to the use of these third party services and/or websites.
This LyfeRadio Privacy Policy only relates to data which have been obtained via the LyfeRadio website.
LyfeRadio does not accept any responsibility or liability for the operation and/or content of third party websites.

Furthermore, LyfeRadio offers third parties the possibility to develop applications based on the LyfeRadio API.
These are applications that use LyfeRadio data, such as statistics & and Song Embeds. These applications are made by third parties not affiliated to LyfeRadio.
They are therefore not made by, for or on behalf of LyfeRadio. LyfeRadio has no influence on the operation of these applications or on what happens to your data if you use them.
If you give an application consent to use your data, this will be done outside of the responsibility of LyfeRadio.

[5] How does LyfeRadio protect your information?

LyfeRadio takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your information against loss or any form of unlawful use.
For example, passwords are encrypted so that nobody has access to them.
We take your privacy seriously to the best of our ability but we cannot prevent violations of privacy in the occurence of unlawful events such as hacking, ddos attacks etc.

[6] Transfer of data to countries.

For technical and operational reasons, it may be necessary for your data to be transferred to (the servers of) companies affiliated to LyfeRadio and/or advertisers located in the United States or other countries.
All the information on the LyfeRadio website is stored on several servers, which are currently located in Dortmund, Germany.
However it is possible that, in the future, LyfeRadio will wish to save the information on the website on servers located in another country.
If this is to happen, the information contained in the profiles of Members will also be saved in a different country.
Since legislation concerning data protection may then not offer the same protection as in the European Union, you hereby agree that your information can be transferred to the United States or another country.
If LyfeRadio ever decides to take this step, then Members will be informed of this in advance.

[7] Viewing, changing and deleting your data.

You can view your data and, if necessary, make changes or delete them.

You can view your data and the purposes for which they are used by LyfeRadio.

If you wish to know what information LyfeRadio has collected about you or if you wish to change data that you cannot change yourself in your account, then you can ask a question via the LyfeRadio Contact Form.

If you wish to delete your LyfeRadio account, You can do that.
Once you have deleted your account, LyfeRadio will delete all your data.
This means that your account will be permanently deleted. This action cannot be undone if you wish to use LyfeRadio again at a later time.
After you have deleted your account, it is possible that your data will remain in the back-ups until the back-ups are erased.

[8] Are minors permitted to use LyfeRadio?

In principle, anybody can use LyfeRadio and anybody can create a LyfeRadio account.
However, it is important to know that special legal rules apply to people under sixteen (16) years of age.
If you are not yet sixteen (16), you will be required to obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before you can create a LyfeRadio account.
By accepting this Privacy Policy you guarantee that you are at least sixteen (16) years of age or have the consent of a parent or guardian to create an account.

LyfeRadio takes a number of measures to protect minors.
For example, The default accessibility setting for information contained in the profiles of children under 16 years of age is "Only People they Follow".
If you wish, you can change this setting in your User Settings. Furthermore, it is not possible to only search for Members. It is only possible to search for Artists.

[9] Can this Privacy Policy be changed?

It is possible for the Privacy Policy to be amended in the future. That would then be mentioned on this page, so it is recommended to regularly have a look at this page.

[10] Questions?

Privacy rightly is a sensitive subject. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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